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Do you know We Are Knitters? For quite a while I have admired their beautiful photos on Instagram, photos of what seems to be deliciously soft and squishy yarn. Fortunately I was given an opportuity to try one of their kits, you can’t turn that down, can you! I chose the Samasana Blanket, a  wooly warm and chunky blanket with pretty stripes. It only took a few days for the package to be delivered all the way from Madrid – and I have to say I am thrilled of the contents and the quality, especially of the yarn!

The package held a Samasana Blanket Kit of which the contents are

• 8 big skeins of peruvian wool, 200g each in two colours
• a 15 mm wooden hook
• the blanket pattern
• WAK needles for fastening ends
• a WAK tag

all packed in the WAK bag that characterizes We Are Knitters.

Of course I couldn’t wait to get hooking and feel the yarn, so all other projects aside and only two days, lots of naps, buckets of tea and a ton of tissues later (welcome fall!) I was all out of yarn.. Instead I have a gorgeous, warm blanket and considerations whether I should put fringes on or not!

I have said it before and will happily say it again: Crocheting with chunky yarns is so much fun! It is such a pleasure to see the yarn working up so fast and I love the way the yarn and a big size hook feels between my fingers. By now, I have tried my share of chunky and The Wool from WAK is without a doubt some of the most luxurious yarn I have laid my hands on. The fibres are spun very evenly and it doesn’t fuzz, not even when frogging once or twice (when you forget to count..).
The Wool comes in 37 colours, all more vibrant than the other and it was hard to have to choose only two colours for my blanket. Very unlike me, I chose two neutral shades of grey (Spotted Grey and Grey) but any colour combo would have been magnificent. See all the colours here. In addition to yarn WAK also has a lot of beautiful kits for knitters, crocheters and petit pointers. They come in all difficulties for both beginners, crochet super geeks and all in between, so be certain there is something there for you too. Explore all the kits here.

A crochet geek like myself is used to reading all kinds of patterns in many different languages. With that said, the pattern in this particular kit is not an easy glance-get-going pattern. It takes a proper read-through and understanding your stitches before you begin hooking away. I recommend following the written pattern until you catch the pattern sequence, after that it’s a piece of cake repeating them all the way till you run out of yarn. I am not gifted with a lot of patience and could have wished for a simpler pattern setup. Yet again: once you are caught up with the pattern, there are not many frills, just repetition.

The crochet hook included in the kit was unfortunately too small for my tight tension, I used my own hand carved rosewood hook that is larger (20 mm) than the WAK hook (15 mm) included. WAK put things together so cleverly, that if you already have a proper size hook you can choose not to include one in your kit, the cost of the hook is deducted from the price. I know you should never lack equipment, but one can only make use of so many 15 mm hooks!!
That said, the crochet hook from WAK is a fine wooden hook when you don’t have the proper size in your tool kit. The wood feels good to hold and the length is sufficient to give you a proper grip. This is important when crocheting with a larger hook and chunky yarns, if the hook is well placed in your hand, the work becomes less strained, avoiding aching hands and arms.

Price and quality go hand in hand, yet you might be proned to think the yarn is expensive. I can only pull out my ‘you get what you pay for’ card – this yarn is luxurious and of high quality which makes We Are Knitters the place to start when you want to spoil yourself. det rigtige sted at starte. While you consider, I will go find my blanket, put a fringe and a WAK tag on it  – and gift a We Are Knitters Samasana Blanket made with love to someone very special to me  <3


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