Urd Hexie

This weeks hexie is Urd, number 3 of #52weeksofhexies. Bymami crochets/designs a new hexie each week and the plan is to crochet them all together into a blanket in the end. The blanket will be named ‘Valkyrie’. Read more about the project and find the pattern for the first hexie here and see all the hexies here.

Important to know about the hexies: Some hexagons end with a stitch count of 60, while others end with 66 stitches. The uneven number of stitches will be aligned when the blanket is assembled in the end. Also, because of time pressure, the patterns have not been tested, so if you discover any mistakes, please let me know so I can fix it!Hexie #3 Urd

Crocheted in Drops Lima in colors Ruby red (5820), Dark purple (4377), Seagreen (9018) and Petrol (0701), from Hobbygarn. One hexie made in four colours uses app.10g of yarn.

Drops Lima
A 5 mm crochet hook
A darning needle for fastening ends

st / stitch
ch / chain
sc / single crochet
dc / double crochet
tr / treble crochet
tog / together
SK / skip
sp / space
beg / begin
rep / repeat

The pattern states where to begin each round, not how to begin it. All rounds are closed invisibly or using a slip stitch to the 1st stItch. The 1st stitch is replaced by ch1=1sc, ch2=1dc etc.

  1. In a magic ring, put *1 dc, ch1* 12x total (24)
  2. In each ch sp, put *2sc, ch1. SK dc*, rep 12x total (36)
  3. NOTE! This round can be crocheted from the backside to make the trebles pop on the front. Else just give them a bop from the back!
    Beg in a ch sp: *[1sc, 1 tr] in the ch, 1 sc, 1 tr*, Rep 12x total (48)
    After this round your work will bulk a little, it will straighten over the next few rounds.
  4. Beg in a sc and crochet *1 sc, ch1, SK the tr*, repeat around (48)
  5. Beg in a sc: *[1 dc, 1 tr, ch1, 1 tr, 1 dc] (corner made), in each of the next 3 sc put dc2tog*, rep 5x more (48)
  6. Begin in a corner ch sp: Put *[1 sc, ch1, 1 sc] in the chain, 1 sc in each st*. Rep 5x more (60)

Let me see your Bymami makes

I absolutely LOVE to see the things created from my patterns, it makes me very, very happy knowing that the patterns I spend a lot of time writing are being used!
Post photos of your Bymami makes from this pattern in a comment below, share it on Bymamis facebook or in your Instagram feed and tag it #urdhexie, #valkyrieblanket and #52weeksofhexies. Make sure you tag @bymamidk on the photo or in your caption too if you want to make sure I see it!


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