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bymami bymamidk blog hækle hæklet crochet crocheted diy opskrift pattern mandala mamidala 52 weeks of mandalas 52weeksofmandalas

bymami bymamidk blog hækle hæklet crochet crocheted diy opskrift pattern mandala mamidala 52 weeks of mandalas 52weeksofmandalasNow that 2015 is over, I did some thinking about what I want from 2016. Crocheting is fun, but sometimes a little boring (when you are doing the same stitch over and over for what seems like forever!). Crocheting Mandalas are definitely not boring! It makes me happy! ‘Crazy bubbles in my tummy’ happy! Big or small, round or rippled, I just can’t get enough.

Thats why I decided, that my biggest take on in 2016, is to try and crochet one Mandala a week. My own Mandalas but also Mandalas from others that are so pretty they got a spot on my ToDo. Someone alresdy asked me what I would use them for, when i had all 52 finished – and my answer is, that I haven’t decided yet. I have plenty of ideas but not settled for any of them. You can follow my Mandala journey on Instagram under the tag #52weeksofmandalas and once in a while I’ll update on the project with photos and such here on the blog too. You might be thinking that you won’t see anything but Mandalas from Bymami all year, but don’t you worry, there’s plenty to come!

Mandala No.1 ´Frozen Laguna´.
Follow the Mandala making journey on Instagram #52weeksofmandalas

In connection with the big NewYear GiveAway (available in danish only) I asked all of you what you would like more of on the blog. There were so many great suggestions, ideas and thoughts thet I would like to accomodate, but I have to realize that i cannot take on all of them and still do a proper job. So I will continue doing what I’m doing the best way I know how to: Letting Inspiration lead the way, well assisted by all your fabulous suggestions.
One of the things I have wanted to pursue for a while now, is how to write a multiple size pattern without having to crochet all the sizes. Its one of my priorities this year, being able to give you my patterns in multiple sizing.

2016 will hopefully become the year of the 1st Bymami CAL release. Agreements are not yet settled, but as soon as everything falls into place I will let you know here on I hope you want to crochet along!
One of the things I liked the most last year, was the joy in giving away lots of wonderful Crochet stuff. It is one of the things I would love to carry on doing to the extent possible. You can help by continuing to share in your social network, on facebook, with your neighbor and in your crochet group!

What do you think, what projects have you been taking on for 2016? Please do share, I would love to know!


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