Thick thicker fabric

I love crocheting with fabric yarn and a hook size XL. Progress is fast and your work gets a lovely texture. Fabric yarn is hard working with and gets very heavy very fast, but it’s well worth the effort. Questions about what you can crochet with fabric yarn regularly pops up, so I trawled the internet and found some places to go for both free and paid patterns and lots of inspiration for what to use your upscaled yarn for.

IMG_8681 (1)

Spring Princess Floor Rug – free pattern from Bymami


Crocheted basket – free pattern from Boodles


Floor pillows – free pattern from Hoooked

Floor rug – free DIY from Bymami


Tall basket or bag – paid pattern from Bymami

There are many other patterns and possibilities, you can make what ever you like with fabric yarn, it just gets bigger. Way Bigger!


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