Sunshine Shawl

It has been a while since I finished my Sunshine Shawl. I have wanted to release the pattern on several occasions, but none of the photos I have taken of the shawl showed it’s true colors.. Today I took another shot at it, in the strangest thunder lighting – and guess what, it worked!! So here is the pattern for this beautiful shawl!

I’ve crocheted the Sunshine Shawl usingMayflowers 3 Mayflowers 3* in a beautiful, sunshine colour combo. The colours did remind me of a warm sunny day – and that’s how the shawl got a name! Mayflowers 3  is an unspun yarn, made of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic, consisting of 4 thin threads. Colour changes appear when a single thread, one at a time,  changes to another color. At a colour change there is a tiny knot, crochet right over it, you won’t notice in the end because the knots are so tiny.
The change of color in the unspun threads gives the yarn a special effect and is amazing – with almost no ends to fasten! As a bonus, it’s extremely soft and perfect for a shawl or a wrap. I would happily trade a teddy for it to cuddle with at night, that’s how soft it is.

This shawl is a supereasy make. Pattern is crocheted by repeating two rows until you run out of yarn or until you are happy with the size. One skein of Mayflowers 3 will make a decent size shawl, big enough to wrap around your neck as a scarf or wear over the shoulders on a chilly summernight. The Sunshine Shawl is a lacy, light shawl and a great accessorie to a chic dress.

200g Mayflowers 3, (1 cake) in color (309)
A crochet hook size 4.5 mm
A needle for fastening ends

This shawl is crocheted in rows from the tip up. Turn rows with a ch3, that counts as the first dc (only mentioned in the first three rows of the pattern). If you crochet loosely, or the ch3 is much longer than any other regular dc, simply ch2 instead. The shawl is edged along the upper edge only, therefore make sure to get those sides straight! This is done by crocheting into the chains at the end of each row.

st / stitch
ch / chain
sc / single crochet
dc / double crochet
SK / skip
sp / space

The first rows of the shawl is written in detail below, after the first 3 rows the pattern is repeated by alternating the next two rows until the shawl reaches the desired size or you run out of yarn.

  1. Ch4 (counts as ch1 + 1 dc). In the first ch, put 4 dc (5 dc)
  2. Turn work and ch 3, 1 dc in next st, ch2, 1 sc, ch2, 2 dc (4 dc, 1 sc, 2 ch2)
  3. Ch3, 4 dc in the same st, SK dc, 1 sc in ch2, ch5, 1 sc in the next ch2, SK dc, 5 dc in next st (10 dc, 2 sc, 1 ch5)

Now, alternate between the two following pattern rows, by repeating (*) until you reach the end:

  1. [2 dc, ch2, 1 sc, ch2, 2 dc, 1 sc (in chain sp)]*. End row with 2 dc, ch2, 1 sc, ch2, 2 dc
  2. Begin row with 5 dc in the samme first st, SK dc, 1 sc in ch sp, ch5, 1 sc in next ch sp, SK dc. [5 dc in sc, SK dc, 1 sc in ch sp, ch5, 1 sc in next ch sp, SK dc]*. End row with 5 dc in last stitch.

Finish shawl pattern with the 2nd row and add an edge like so:

  1. Ch1, 1 sc in the same st. Repeat *3 sc, SK dc + sc, ch2, 1 sc in ch sp, ch2, SK sc + dc* until end of row, finish row with 2 sc into the last st.
  2. Ch1, 1 sc in same st, ch1. Repeat the following *1 sc, ch1, SK1* until the end of row, finish row with 2 sc in the last st.
  3. Ch 1, 1 sc in the same st, ch1. Repeat the following *1 sc (in ch sp), ch1, SK1* until the end of row, finish row with 2 sc in the last st.
  4. Ch 1, 1 sc in the same st, ch1. Repeat the following *1 sc (in ch sp), ch1, SK1* until the end of row, finish row with 2 sc in the last st.

If you have a small amount of leftover yarn, make two tassels and sew the onto each corner for a great finish. Wrap yarn around your fingers or something else, it needs to be a little wider than the desired length of the tassels. Tie yarn around the bundle and cut the opposite end (FIG1). Next, tie around the yarnbundle app. 1-2 cm from the first tiearound (FIG2). Make sure it can’t untie! Now turn the bundle ‘inside out’ by pulling the loose ends tightly around the center (FIG3). Wrap yarn around close to what will become the top of the tassel and pull it tight (FIG4). Thread a sewing needle with the ends and sew right through to the top of the tassel. These ends are used for fastening the tassel to the corners, that will prevent it from coming loose! Trim the bottom with sharp scissors.

Let me see your Bymami makes

I absolutely LOVE to see the things created from my patterns, it makes me very, very happy knowing that the patterns I spend a lot of time writing are being used!
Post photos of your Bymami makes from this pattern in a comment below, share it on Bymamis facebook or in your Instagram feed and tag it #sunshineshawl. Make sure you tag @bymamidk on the photo or in your caption if you want me to see it!


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