Stone Cover

Recently I received an amazing box full of lovely yarn from Elmely Design – packed with fun and gorgeous little 25g skeins of Scheepjes MaxiBonbon. I have been excited to test it and already dug into project No. 2 using the beautiful colors!

The fine lace weight yarn is a high twist 100% mercerised cotton, best suited for small hook sizes and perfect for making flowers, lace edging or other delicate stitching like summer shawls. Maxi Bonbon does not split even when frogged several times. I love that the shades blend perfectly together – also with the complete color range of Scheepjes Catona, a great mix and match for mixed weight projects. If  25g is not enough, buy the 50g version instead: Maxi Sugar Rush. Same yarn, same colors, more of it..

In between projects I make littlte stone cozies for the beautiful stones i find on family trips to a beach of shingles nearby (I then place my #astoneforasmile for others to find, crochet covered stones to hopefully put a smile on someone). I made exactly that with Maxi Bonbon and you can make one too if you like, just read on.


Maxi Bonbon i colors Lemonade, Yellow Gold and Snowwhite
A hook size 1.5 mm
An emboidery needle to fasten ends
A round stone app. 9 cm in diameter

Stones are obviously very different and Bymami cannot guarantee a perfect fit from this pattern. You have to pay attention to the fitting throughout the process, to be able to add/skip a chain in appropriate places to fit the cover to your stone. Stone cozies are prettiest when fitted tightly and slightly stretched around the stone.


  1. Using Yellow Gold: In a magic ring, ch 2 (counts as first st), 1 dc, 1 picot [ch 3, sl st in 1st ch], *2 dc in the ring, picot* 7x. Close up with a sl st in ch. (16 dc, 8 picots).
  2. *1 sc in sp between 2 dc, ch 5* 8x (8 sc, 8 ch5 chains).
  3. Using Lemonade: In a chain5, *3 dc, picot, 3 dc, ch 3* 8x.
  4. Using Snowwhite: In a ch3, put [2 dc,, ch 3, 2 dc], ch 5* 8x.
  5. Sl st to chain3, in chain put [2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc], ch 1, in ch5 put [2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc], ch 1* 8x
  6. Sl st to chain3, in chain put [2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc], in ch5 put [2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc]* 8x
  7. Sl st to chain3, *1 sc, ch 5* 15x, 1 sc, ch2, dc in 1st st (16 ch5, 16 sc)
  8. *1 sc, ch 4* 15x, 1 sc, ch 2, hdc in 1st st (16 ch4, 16 sc) Fasten all ends except the one you are working with and pull it around the stone. Crochet the remaining rounds directly around/onto the stone.
  9. *1 sc, ch 2* 15x, 1 sc, dc in 1st st (16 ch2, 16 sc)
    *2 sc in each ch2* (32)

# Tag your photos

Posting photos of your pretty crochet covered stone on Instagram or Facebook? Use the tag #springblossomstonecover to share it with all the others who made this! Make sure to tag @bymamidk too, if you want me to see yours!


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