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Maybe you want to get involved otherwise, there’s always the possibility of sponsoring a giveaway: A great way to get noticed and get your amazing product out there. Giveaways generate a lot of traffic, publicity and goodwill. Please contact me if you have anything (crochet related) you would want to give away.

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Sponsor a mandala

bymami hæklet hækle mamidala mandala doily opskrift hæklede flacon crochet crocheted colorful mange farver farverigYou can sponsor yarn specificly for a #Mamidala. If you have your own yarn brand this is a great opportunity for you to get your yarn noticed online!

You get:
Exsposure on

  • Facebook
  • InstaGram
  • Bymamis blog

Lots and lots of publicity before, whilst and after the creatiion process!

You choose both what colors and yarn you send. No acrylic!
Furthermore you will have the opportunity to, in collaboration with Bymami, create a crochet kit with a complete pattern (this is to be further agreed upon). My patterns contain both written directions and a diagram.

I get:
Free yarn!
The right to Name the finished Mandala (suggestions are always welcome!).
I keep all legal rights for the pattern and the mandala.

This is how it’s done:
Send me an email telling me that you want to sponsor a #Mamidala, and we’ll take it from there!

I look forward to collaborating with you!


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