Superb Succulents

I have large windows facing south. In the summer they get very hotand freezing in the winter. Watering plants is not meant for a creative flimsy brain like mine and therefore the pretty glass bowl in my window has some stubborn cacti in them together with completely dried-out succulents; Once juicy and very alive.. Sigh, not a pretty sight. Thats why I wanted to make some new inhabitants for the bowl.
I’ve used one of my favourite yarns for these succulents, Scheepjes Catona, because of all the beautiful green shades available and for the shiny soft finish the yarn provides. I like green succulents, but you can use all colors, to make pale purple or alienlike neon orange or blueish green excrescences, see for yourself in this gorgeous photo:colorful succulents Well, back to the crochet:  My green endeavours have resulted in 5 very juicy and beautiful succulents, that can be made in endless variations using different colors and adding detail.

bymami bymamidk hækleblog blog hækle hæklet crochet crocheted diy opskrift pattern gratis free freebies hæklede kreativ krea hånd håndarbejde håndlavet handmade sukkulenter succulents planter kaktus plants catus cactiThe full 6 page detailed pattern can be purchased here. One of the plants, Biting Stonecrop (shown in the photo above) is a fun looking succulent and very easy to make. It will look best when stems are made in different lenghts. You can try the pattern for free here:

Scheepjes Catona in the color Forest Green (412)
A crochet hook size 3.0 mm
A needle for fastening ends.

Ch / chain
Sl st / slip stitch
Sc / fsingle crochet
St / stitch
X / times

Using color (412), chain (12), (18), (22), (28) and (36). In the 2nd st from hook put 3 sc into the same st. Continue along the chain, putting 3 sc into each ch (in some stitches put up to 5 sc to increase diversity). Break yarn and fasten one end. The other will be used for joining.
Variation: After about 36 sc, chain another row of  9–12 st. In 2nd st from hook, put *3 sc in same st*. Repeat until you reach the original chain and simply continue with 3 sc in every stitch until the end.

Let me see your Bymami makes

I absolutely LOVE to see the things created from my patterns, it makes me very, very happy knowing that the patterns I spend a lot of time writing are being used!
Post photos of your Bymami makes from this pattern in a comment below, share it on Bymamis facebook or in your Instagram feed and tag it #superbsucculent. Make sure you tag @bymamidk on the photo or in your caption if you want me to see it!

All your lovely crochet makes me so darn happy! <3


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