Small skulls

bymami_skull **FREEBIE** Small skulls appliques to put on a pencilcase or a bag. Real fast and easy to make!

Small Skull applique (US):

  1. Ch 4, 4 dc in 1. ch. Ch 5, 2 dc in 1. ch. Ch 5. End rnd with a sl st to 4. ch.
  2. Sl st in next 4 dcs. 6 sc in chain. Sl st, [ch 2 (counts as dc), 3 dc, ch 2, sl st} between dcs. 6 sc in ch, end rnd with a sl st to the first st. Finish up by fastening ends securely.

Make a bunch and put them on clothes, a bag, a purse or hang them for halloween!!

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