Parisian Pastels

bymami bymamidk hækleblog blog hækle hæklet crochet crocheted diy opskrift pattern freebie freebies gratis tæppe blanket afgham stripes striber free patternWe are visiting Grandma and Grandpa for Easter and of course they have a wooden doll house for the youngest, being the wonderful grandparents that they are. The house is fine and fun to play with, but being a flea market find, some of the furniture has seen better days. A table with three legs, a missing pillow and one bed is missing the whole matress. Well, I never leave the house without bringing yarn and a hook, so I asked the little one to pick a colour (I picked out the rest to go with) to make a miniature blanket. Sweet stripes in delicate pastels for the tiny residents in the doll house. The finished blanket is really cute and I want to share it with all of you. The pattern makes a blanket size 15×15 cm, but can easily be enlarged to a sizing that fits your needs: A dolls blanket, a baby blanket, a guest towel, a floor rug – unleash your imagination!
The colours remind me of a danish sweet called ‘Pariser Linser’ (hence the name)…


Cotton yarn (I used Color Cotton from Karen Klarbæk in colors ‘Pastel Rose’, ‘Baby Blue’, ‘Lilac’ and ‘Peach’)
A crochet hook size. 3 mm
An embroidery needle for fastening ends

The blanket is made from a base chain with an equal number of stitches +1 (here 33st/row). After each row the work is turned to achieve a reversible texture. Each row begins with ch1,ch2 or ch3, that do not count to the number of stitches on each row. The blanket is made from two colour sequences of 5 rows as shown here:pariserpasteller_farver-01 THIS IS HOW ITS DONE

  1. Ch 33 +1 with ‘Pastel Rose’. 33 sc in beg chain (from here on, this row is replaced with ch 2, 33 hdc).
  2. With ‘Baby Blue’, ch 3, 33 dc.
  3. With ‘Lilac’, ch 1, 33 sc.
  4. With ‘Pastel Rose’, ch 3, then do crossed dc’s like this: *Skip 1, 1 dc, 1 dc in skipped st*. Repeat *-* until end of row, dc in last st.
  5. With ‘Peach’, ch 1, 33 sc.
  6. With ‘Baby Blue’, ch 2, 33 hdc.
  7. With ‘Pastel Rose’, ch 3, 33 dc.
  8. With ‘Lilac’, ch 1, 33 sc.
  9. With ‘Baby Blue’, ch 3, crossed dc’s: *Skip 1, 1 dc, 1 dc in skipped st*. Repeat *-* until end of row, dc in last st.
  10. With ‘Peach’, ch 1, 33 sc.

Repeat 1–10 until the you reach the desired length. Fasten all ends and crochet an edging of sc’s along both sides (1 sc in sc and hdc rows, 2 sc in dc rows).

Happy Hooking!

Please remember that...

If you have trouble or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can sell any items made from Bymamis freebie patterns as long as you refer to And, as always, I LOVE to see your Bymami makes! Send me a pcture of your creations, add a picture to your comment, or show off your makes on Bymamis facebook page. On Instagram, tag your photos  @bymamidk so I can see your photos!


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