Bymami wants nothing but happy customers, so if you run into any kind of trouble, eg. download a purchased pattern, help can be found right here. Do not hesitate to contact me, I will bend over sideways to help you find a solution. There are some things you can do first though, before contacting Bymami:

Create an account
Bymami recommends that you create an account when purchasing a pattern. Automatically generated mails from Bymami sent when completing a puchase sometimes get caught in filters set up by email providers – and hence do not arrive. When creating an account, you can log into and see a complete list of and download your purchased patterns. Create an account by ticking the box ‘Create account’ under billing information. Creating an account is currently only possible when making a purchase. Any information given to is for billing purposes only and will never be handed over or sold to third parties.

Missing emails
If you do not receive any emails from Bymami shortly after making a purchase:

  • Please check your spam/junk mail folder, sometimes emails from Bymami end up there!
  • Add to your email safe list. You will never receive spam or promotional emails from
  • If this advice – against all expectations – does not solve your problem, please contact Bymami and we will solve any problems together.

Log ind
If you have trouble logging into your account, there’s a few things you can do to solve it on your own:

  • Is your username correct/spelled correctly?
  • Make sure Caps Lock / Num Lock is not activated on your keypad
  • Is your password correct/spelled correctly?
  • If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by clicking ‘Lost your password?’. An email will be sent to your registered mailadress with a link to create a new password.