Christine bymami

Designer, Illustrator & Graphic Artist. Collector of ideas, yarn and weird facts that oddly seem to stick forever to my memory. I love the sea, to sing and crochet. I can’t do a single push-up (never could), but I like to listen to blues and always miss when I throw a ball. I am a mother of three and spring is my favourite time of year because that means summer is coming.

Bymami is my creative crochet corner of the universe, where I vent some of all the ideas constantly bubbling in me. Choice of color and materials are of great importance to me, my style is simple and functional with a touch of hippie to it. My crochet hooks rarely lie still as I am always hooking on several projects at a time. But who am I, really? Graphic artist, illustrator, designer and mother of three beautiful children. Very pregnant and very restless I taught myself to crochet in the spring of 2013 and was completely hooked from the first stitch. As with any other occupation of mine, I love to create. To create a beautiful, funny or quirky product from end to end, the joy I feel when the very last end is fastened, is what motivates me. Seeing the joy in my children’s eyes when they wear the long-awaited blouse for the first time or when they tuck under their favorite blanket in our old armchair.

I have a group of skilled crocheters who test my patterns carefully previous to release.Should you by any means stumble upon an error, please be so kind and inform me so that I can correct the mistake. I would appreciate it.
Can I sell the things I crochet from your patterns?You ask. The answer is YES! You are free to sell the things you crochet based on my patterns, as long as you do not sell or reproduce the pattern (or any part of it). If you sell your stuff online, it is kindly asked that you put a link to bymami.dk along with your post. If you sell at markets, fairs or private, it is good customs to either enclose a card with the text design bymami.dkor write it on the label (if you have one).

All content, including text and images on bymami.dk belongs to bymami and may not be reproduced, copied, resold or distributed in any way, hereunder in print (including photocopying) or digital, without my written permission. All rights reserved by Bymami.