Mother’s Day Mandala

Mother’s Day is coming (at least the Danish one, there are different dates around the world for this lovely opportunity to tell your Mom how much she means to you) and I crocheted a set of Mandalas for my Mom. A small Mandala to use as a coaster and a larger one for a plate of chokolate cake or a pretty posy.

I happen to go on a kids free (yes, that includes my boyfriend!) relaxing weekend with my Mom, so please excuse that I didn’t manage to finish the written directions. I got to finish the Mandalas and draw the chart, the picture is a WiP-only-photo. I will finish next week, when all is back to normal..

Cotton yarn ( I used scraps of DROPS and Mayflower
A 3 mm hook
An embroidery needle to fasten ends

It’s fairly easy to follow the chart. The Mandala is made from chains, slip stitches, single-, half double- and double crochet only (US crochet terms!). They are crocheted alone, together and in the same stitch. The chart does not tell where to begin each round, find a stitch and the right spot for it in the chart and chain 1, 2 or 3 according to the stitch (single, half double, double). All rounds end with a slip stitch to the 1st stitch. I always begin my Mandalas with a magic ring, but feel free to ch 3 or 4 and close it to a ring with a slip stitch.

Use the tag #morsdagmandala on IG

If you want to make a coaster follow the chart until you finish all the blue rounds. Make a few or 6; I like using them for my coffee and glass of water, they are practical, lovely and a fast make!

If you want to make the large Mandala simply follow the whole chart. A nice thing about Mandalas is that you decide the size and looks of it. If you’re not so keen on the hearts, just leave them out and do only the first 10 rounds (or finish off after the first round of hearts, if you like). You decide!

Tag you photos on Instagram with  #morsdagmandala – I would love to see all of them! If you rather want to share a photo on Bymamis facebook wall or below in a comment is completely fine too!

Happy hooking!



  1. 15 hdc in a mr.
  2. 2 dc in every st.
  3. *4 dc tog, ch 2. Skip 2*. Repeat * 9x more.
  4. In top of a 4 dc tog, make *1 sc. In chain do [1 sc, 1 hdc, 3 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc]*. Repeat * 9x more.
  5. *2 sc in middle of three dc, ch 2, Skip 3, 1 dc in middle of three sc, ch 2, skip 3*. Repeat * 9x more.
  6. *2 sc in dc, 2 sc in chain, 2 sc, 2 sc in chain*, repeat * 9x more. Finish off here if you want to make a coaster, or continue with 7.
  7. *3 dc in same st, Skip 3*, repeat * around.
  8. In middle of three dc make *3 dc in same st, ch 1*, repeat * around.
  9. 1 sc in every st.
  10. In a sc above a ch, make *4 dc, ch 5, Skip 7*, repeat * 9x more.
  11. In the 1st of the 4 dc, make *2 dc in same st, 2 dc tog in next 2 st, 2 dc in same st. ch 2, 1 sc in chain, ch 2*. Repeat * 9x more.
  12. Now for the arches of the heart: *3 dc tog, ch 2 og sl st in same st as the last of the three dc tog (see chart). Sl st in next, ch 2, 3 dc tog (the 1st goes in the same st as sl st). ch 3, 1 dc in sc, ch 3*. Repeat * 9x more. Finish off here if you want to make a Mandala with only one round of hearts.
  13. In dc between ch, make *4 dc, ch 7, Skip 8*, repeat * 9x more.
  14. In the 1st of the 4 dc, make *2 dc in same st, 2 dc tog in next 2 st, 2 dc in same st. ch 3, 1 sc in chain, ch 3*. Repeat * 9x more.
  15. Arches: *3 dc tog, ch 2 og sl st in same st as the last of the three dc tog. Sl st in next, ch 2, 3 dc tog (the 1st in same st as sl st). ch 5, 1 sc in sc, ch 5*. Repeat * 9x more.

Photo: @suregal27

Another version of the Mors Dag Mandala popped up on instagram: Talented  @suregal27 made this mandala and added her own changes, i.a. a lovely edging of miniature hearts – and it looks amazing! I have her permission to post here how it’s done and I definitely have to try it myself, I love those tiny hearts, they are a great way to finish the mandala, don’t you think?

The small hearts are crocheted over two rounds. First round is similar to the first round of the bigger hearts in the original pattern, with 4 dc in the same stitch. Second round is made as follows: 1 hdc in the first of the 4 dc’s, 1 dc in the next stitch. Ch 1 and sl st into same stitch as the dc. Slip stitch into next st, ch 1 and put a dc in the same st as sl st. Hdc in the last of the four dc’s. Continue around and Voila! a beautiful edging of pretty little hearts that makes a darn pretty finish on a beautiful Mandala.



If your Mandala starts to curve up and look like a bowl instead of lying flat, you have too few stitches (or you crochet too tightly). Add an extra chain in the chains or an extra stitch (where it’s not noticeable) until it lies flat.

If your Mandala starts to curl along the edge, you have too many stitches (or you crochet too loosely). Don’t decrease, instead skip increasing for a round or two until it’s back to flat.

It pays off to check if your Mandala is flat after each round. That way you can fix it along the way instead of having to frog a lot of rounds.


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