Equestrians Headband

My oldest, horse crazy teenage daughter asked me one day if I could make her a headband, as her ears are always freezing when she is out with the horses. Terms were not too thick, not too thin, it could definitely not be itchy and had to be a simple design and yet still be warm! With those ‘few’ requirements i began searching for yarn and sketching out ideas in my mind. The softest yarn I know is Alpaca, so I ordered some Drops Puna from my new yarn sponsor HobbyGarn in beautiful natural colors. 100% warm and silky soft alpaca. Upon arrival yarn was cuddle tested and approved. Yesterday I found a couple of hours me-time and this lovely headband fell off the hook. My teen loves it, it’s spot on what she wished for. I want to share the pattern with you, hopefully it will keep your ears warm too!

Equestrians Headband

Headband fits measurements of 54 (58) cm, measured around the head where it’s supposed to be.

1 skein Drops Puna in color (05)
1 hookl size 4.0 mm
A sewing needle for fastening ends

After 1st round all rounds begin with a ch1 (sc) or ch2 (dc)  depending on the following stitch and the ch counts as the first stitch. All rounds end with a sl st.

Chainless hdc foundation row: Ch2 (not too tight). Yarn over and insert hook under two loops of the 1st chain. YO and pull through (3 loops on hook). YO and pull through the 1st loop on hook (this ‘extra’ chain in the hdc stitch is the foundation for the next stitch). YO and finish hdc as usual. Continue likewise putting the next hdc in that extra chain.


  1. Make a chainless hdc foundation row with 68 (72) st, close into a ring using a sl st (alternatively ch 68 (72) lm op, close into a ring using a sl st and crochet 68 (72) hdc in chain (68/72)
  2. 68 (72) bphdc (68/72)
  3. Same as 2. (68/72)
  4. Turn work and crochet in the opposite direction: 1 sc, 1 treble  (34 sc, 34 treble / 36 sc, 36 treble)
  5. Turn work and crochet in the right direction: dc2tog in each st (68/72)
  6. As 5. (68/72)
  7. As 5. (68/72)
  8. Turn work and crochet in the opposite direction: 1 sc, 1 treble  (34 sc, 34 treble / 36 sc, 36 treble)
  9. Turn work again: 68 (72) bphdc around sc (68/72)
  10. 68 (72) bphdc (68/72)
  11. Use a bigger hook (to prevent it from getting too tight!) to do bpsc in the last round .

Fasten all ends, use the beginning thread to sew together the ends of the foundation row.

Tip: It is not necessary to turn work in rounds 4 and 8, but in my experience the trebles want to slip onto the backside of the work – and because you want to keep them on the front it’s easier to crochet them from the backside!

Happy Hooking!!


Regardless of your crochet skills, the best feeling in the world is when your daughter posts a selfie to her instagramstory of her wearing the headband with unweaved ends and all! ❤️?
Text says: My Mom is so cool! She made me this headband so I wont freeze my ears off when I’m with the horse!


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