Double Rib Beanie

bymami bymamidk hækleblog blog hækle hæklet crochet crocheted diy opskrift pattern gratis free freebies hæklede kreativ krea hånd håndarbejde håndlavet handmade beanie hue hat double rib drops lima garn Bymami is in winter wear-mode, as the cold weather invites to nothing but wooly makes, like mittens, headbands and beanies! The latest thing fresh off the hook is this smart Double Rib Beanie. It can be turned inside out for a neater look. It’s tight and warm and has two ribbed sections for a good fit. It’s super easy, fits all sizes with few alterations and only takes about an evening to make!

For this pattern I used Drops Lima from Hobbygarn, Lima is one of my favourite go-to yarns for beanies. Two colors will do, but I recommend using at least three colors. See other beautiful color combos and read more about the yarn in the box on the right. Give your beanie a pompom or use it as it is, whatever you like the most!

Drops Lima in colors Dark Grey (0519), Grey (9015), Powder pink (3145) and Heather (4088)
A hook size. 4.5 mm
An embroidery needle to fasten ends
A button and a pompom

All rounds begin with a (loose) ch1 (counts as 1st stitch) and end with a slip stitch to the chain.
Post stitch: Hdc around the post of the underlying stitch from the front or back.
Sizing: If you want a smaller beanie, skip a round of increasing and possibly rnd 15. If you want a bigger and longer beanie, do an extra round of increases to (80), and possibly add an extra round of hdc’s after rnd 15.

In color (0519),
1: 8 hdc in a magic ring (8)
2-9: Increase using hdc’s for the next 8 rnds (16) (24) (32) (40) (48) (56) (64) (72)
10-15: Hdc in each st (72)
Change color to (3145),
16: Back post stitches (hdc) around every st (72)
17-18: Back post stitches (hdc) around every st alternating between back and front post stitches (ch at the beg of rnd counts as a back post stitch!) (36 bp hdc, 36 fp hdc)
Change color to (9015)
19: Bpdc around each st (72)
20: 1 dc in each st (72)
Change color to (4088)
21: Back post stitches (hdc) around every st (72)
22-25: Back post stitches (hdc) around every st alternating between back and front post stitches (ch at the beg of rnd counts as a back post stitch!) (36 bp hdc, 36 fp hdc)

Cut yarn and fasten all ends (be careful to fasten neatly if you intend to turn the beanie inside out!).

If you want a pompom: Sew a small button to the top of the inside of the beanie for the pompom. Pull the loop of the pompom through the center of the magic ring, fasten it around the button and you’re done! Happy Hooking!

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I love to see all your beautiful makes!

About Drops Lima

DROPS Lima is a deliciously soft mixed fiber yarn, made of 65% Peruvian Highland wool og 35% superfine alpaca. The fibres are not processed, only washed, which highlights the natural properties of the yarn. Lima is perfect for outdoor wear as the mix of wool and alpaca is durable and warm with a lovely soft touch. It works up well and comes in many shades. As an extra pleasurable bonus, this luxury yarn is very affordable!

Try these beautiful color combos for the #doubleribbeanie
4-color combos:
Dark grey 0519
Grey 9015
Powder pink 3145
Heather 4088

Dark grey 0519
Grey 9015
Sea green 9018
Petrol 0701

Navy blue 9016
Grey blue 6235
Ice blue 8112

3-fcolor combos:
Brown 5610
Light brown 5310
Goldenrod 2923
(shown in post)

Dark purple 4377
Ruby red 5820
Red 3609

Off white 0100
Rust 0707
Sea green 9018


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