Cupcake Cowl

Last week I was lucky to receive a package with some very squishy pastel coloured yarn from Garnspecialisten, from a yarn brand new to me, Rooster Almerino Baby. In the package there was also a very practical journal to keep track of projects (in danish only, so I will skip that part on here and focus only on the yarn!).

Over the weekend I crocheted a soft and squishy cowl from that yarn for my Littlest Monkey, and it is wonderful to work with. Some yarns tend to split, this one does not. It is spun in a different way than most yarns, which makes the beautiful texture stand out out perfectly.
Rooster Almerino Baby is made in Peru, known for it’s amazing wool and alpaca yarns. The spinning method of this yarn is atypical, which makes it difficult to find a substitute yarn – but why use another yarn when this one is perfect?! Spun differently, Rooster Almerino Baby has a bouncy texture that is airy but strong at the same time. It does not split and has no tendency to pilling. You can read more about that special way of spinning in the articles here and here. It is very interesting to read about, and makes you understand your yarn better!
I think I’ve already mentioned that the Almerino Baby is incredibly soft and squishy. The mix of 50/50 baby alpaca and merino is a perfect match. One skein is 125 m and the recommended needle/hook size is 3.25 mm. I used a 4.5 mm hook for the Cupcake Cowl and think it is the perfect size to use. The fabric created is dense but flexible (and soft!). Things made from this yarn must be hand washed. I have to say that ALL my wooly textiles and makes are tossed in the washing machine on a wool program with wool detergent and it has never ruined anything. We’ll see about this one, I think it will be perfectly fine as with all our other wooly stuff. If you feel like making a Cupcake Cowl and try it too, here’s the pattern for you, Happy hooking!


100 g Rooster Almerino Baby, here shown in the following colours: (504), (511), (512) and (515)
A 4.5 mm hook
A darning needle for fastening ends

st / stitch
ch / chain
sl st / slip stitch
sc / single crochet
dc / double crochet
fpdc / front post double crochet
bpdc / back post double crochet
tog / together
SK / skip (stitches)
SP / space

This pattern is made to fit my 4yo, but can also be used as a headband for an adult in a narrower version (just leave out the remaining rows when it fits). The number written in the brackets () is the number of stitches used for an adult sized cowl. Please note that you will need more yarn than stated above to make the adult sized Cupcake Cowl. For other sizes, make sure the stitch count must be divisible by 7. All rounds begin with a chain 2 (these count as a stitch) and all rounds are closed with a slip stitch.

Front post double crochet stitches are made by inserting the hook horizontally under the stitch post, from front to back (between stitches) and then from back to front again, YO and finish the stitch as per usual.
Back post double crochet stitches are made by inserting the hook horizontally over the stitch post, from back to front (between stitches) and then from front to back again, YO and finish the stitch as per usual. These can be a little tricky when you draw up the first loop, but surely you will get the hang of it after a few stitches.

Make a chain of 105 (154) stitches and close to a ring with a sl st into the 1st ch. Be very careful not to twist the chain when you close it! (105/154)

  1. Ch2, 4 dc into the same st (the one you sl st into when forming the ring), ch1, SK1, dc5tog over 5 stitches. *5 dc in next st, ch1, SK1, dc5tog over 5 st*, repeat * 13 (20) times more and close the round with a sl st (105/154)
  2. ch2, fpdc4tog, one around each dc (SK the first dc), ch1, 5 dc in ch sp. *fpdc5tog, one around each of 5 dc, ch1, 5 dc in ch sp*, repeat * 13 (20) times more and close with a sl st (105/154)
    Cut yarn and fasten new colour in the first ch right after the first 5 stitches.
  3. Ch2, 4 dc in the same ch sp, ch1, bpdc5 tog over 5 dc. *5 dc in ch sp, ch1, bpdc5tog over 5 dc*, repeat * 13 (20) times more and close with a sl st (105/154)
  4. Repeat rounds 2 and 3 a total of 5 (9) times, your work will be increased by (10/18) rounds
  5. ch2, fpdc4tog, one around each dc (SK the 1st dc), ch1, 5 dc in ch sp. *fpdc5tog, one around each of 5 dc, ch1, 5 dc in ch sp*, repeat * 13 (20) times more and close with a sl st (105/154)
    Do not cut yarn, instead continue with,
  6. 1 sl st in each st. Be careful not to crochet this round too tightly, change to a larger hook size if needed. Cut yarn and fasten all ends.
  7. Now there is only one thing left to do! To get a beautiful edge along the beginning chain, fasten yarn in the same colour as your first round and crochet an edge like so: 1 sc before and between each stitch, sc2tog, one after the last dc and one into the dc5tog. It is important to crochet between the stitches to make the edge blend in and become almost invisible. Fasten all ends and enjoy your warm Cupcake Cowl!

In the sidebar you will find a photo tutorial explaining rounds 2 and 3 and the finishing edge along the beginning chain.

Oh, and by the way this pretty cowl was tested and used right away! Our car broke down because of the cold (luckily a battery change was the only thing that needed fixing) and we had a very cold morning bikeride in temps that felt like being on the North Pole! Nothing better in a moment like that to be able to wrap up in layers of wooly and warm handmade goodies – Little One says Hi and to tell you that the cowl is very warm and cozy!


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