Bottom of the Ocean

bymami hæklet bluse havets bund applikationer tunika fisk crochet fish ocean blouse This is the story of a dress that ran out of yarn before it even could call itself a blouse! I suck at calculating the amount of yarn needed for a project. I could probably call myself a yarnoptimist, everything is going to be alright…

That is why I often get stuck in situations like this: Running out of yarn. Not once, not twice, but THREE times making this! I wanted the dress to be blue, with a darker blue edging. The light blue was gone before the neckline (according to the pattern) was done. So I had to wing it from here: Now making a blouse, I crocheted up all the darker blue, confident that the lenght would be fine..

IMG_4376 IMG_4375


It was not! Not even long enough for a vest, so I had to dive into my (at the time) very tiny stashto find some suitable colormatch. The only thing not looking totally eye bending off was a sea greenish bundle and its darker green friend, and right then it hit me like a hammer – it was going to be a fishy, under the sea, fun kinda blouse! I finished with all the sea green, and added a big scalloped edge with the darker green. Thinking of all things on the bottom of the ocean, i began making small fish, sea weed, corals etc. It was really fun!


Puzzling it together was also fun, the sewing part not so much. I managed though, without to many bloody pokes to my fingertips. And my Baby loved it! All the effort was well worth it and I was really happy I ran out of yarn!!




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