In the beginning of 2016 I decided to crochet one mandala every week for the whole year. Own designs, both new and old but also other’s designs. My pile of Mandalas is growing by each week and it makes me SO happy! It’s a happy-happy project, where I’m getting inspired by my surroundings: Nature, a beautiful tin, or even my Grandma’s wallpaper. I am baffled by the fact, that you can crochet a mandala from the same pattern over and over again without it ever looking the same, all it takes is a change of color. It’s truly amazing! I’ll update my progress on this page regularly, if you want to follow my project more intensely, follow my instagram.

I have had some requests regarding patterns for the mandalas: All  patterns are Bymami’s designs. They will be published as a book, hopefully sometime this year. There is no set date yet. Other designs than mine are mentioned below the specific photo and can be found by doing a google search on the name and designer. Not all are free! Bymami has published the pattern for Summer Dreams Mandala, Winter Wonderland Mandala, Sunny Day Mandala and Fireworks Mandala. All english (US) Bymami patterns are found here.  Freebie patterns are available for Starflower Mandala og SpringPrincessRug, and little colourful coasters.



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