Back in 2016 I launched my project of #52weeksofmandalas and now I am heading into another adventure: 2018 will be the year of one hexie every week, which makes #52weeksofhexies. Yay! The plan is to crochet/design a new hexie each week and crochet them all together into a blanket in the end. The blanket will be named ‘Valkyrie’ and each hexie will be named after Norse Mythology’s Valkyries, Norns and Godesses. I am not sure whether I will use only one type/brand of yarn or several types/brands, we’ll just have to see where the heart takes me!

Requests regarding patterns for the hexies: All patterns are Bymami’s designs unless stated otherwise.Should I implement designs others than my own the designer will be properly credited below the specific photo and can be found by doing a google search. I cannot guarantee that there will be patterns released for each hexie, but I will do my best! Also, because of time pressure the patterns are not proof read npr testet previous to release. Therefore, if you discover any mistakes, please let me know, so I can fix it!

Important to know about the hexies: Some hexagons end with a stitch count of 60, while others end with 66 stitches. The uneven number of stitches will be aligned when the blanket is assembled in the end. All hexies will be crocheted in the ever so lovely and wooly Drops Lima, that the sweet people over at Hobbygarn have been so kind and sponsor for this project. I will be making three of each hexie, colours picked by mood each week, which is why there is no final shopping list for you. If you Make-A-Long, use your stash or buy some Lima, it is a lovely yarn for many things and comes in a great colour range! 🙂

Links to all finished hexies: Brynja, Hildur, Urd, Groa, Jord, Var, Verdande, Runa, Alva, Audhumbla, Grid, Freja, Fylla, Astrid


If you crochet along

Nothing excites me more than seeing my patterns being used, so if you crochet along my hexie journey, please do share your progress! Post photos of your hexies in a comment below, share it on Bymamis facebook or in your Instagram feed and tag it #valkyrieblanket and #52weeksofhexies. Make sure you tag @bymamidk on the photo or in your caption too if you want to make sure I see it!


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